Product Overview


Compriband is a high quality tape, approved for more than 50 years.

It is a continuous elastic tape impregnated with acrylic, is proved BG1 acc. to DIN18542-2009, flame retardent and high performance raining-water seal. Pre-compressed tapes are used in various fields, eg. for sealing the joint between window frame and wall or between 2 window frames, against insects in shutters, for panels, for facades, for roof tiles, for flood protection und many more. Compriband is an expandable tape which is used in a wide variety of movement joints and other applications for decades.


A thorough impregnated sealant, proven for over 50 years, for strucutral-, civil and mechanical engineering. Best weather-sealant. Available in sheets, stripes, compressed in tapes, punched parts. Colour black. Causes no corrosion.
Colour: black


Quicker, easier, more efficient! The world first Compriband without peel-off strip! 30% less time for mounting. Any type of Compriband can be equipped with this Revolution (except Compriband-N+ and Compriband-R3).


Multifunction tape, soft PU-foam, Acrylic resin with flame retardant, BG1 acc. to DIN18542, B1 acc. to DIN4102, min. 600 Pa tight against driving rain, -30 to +90°C.
Inside tighter than outside.
One tape for the whole joint, fast mounting, flame-resistant, high acustic insulation, continuous joint dehydration, permanently elastic.
Colour: black


Continuous elastic tape impreganted with acrylic, BG1 acc. to DIN18542, flame retardent and high performance raining-water seal. Deployment to 85°C, for steel/metal-, automotive and facade industry. Available in stripes, punched parts and sheets up to 2 meter, as well as precompressed in rolls (tapes).
Colour: grey


Open cell impregnated foam sealing strip, BG1 acc. to DIN18542, weathertight against driving rain, including flame retardent, high life expectancy even under mechanical loads. Resists from -30° to +90°C , available in rolls (precompressed tapes).
Colour: black


The Compriband-B+ is a joint sealing tape made of impregnated foam. It is used for outer and inner sealing of joints and connections in the window, and the entire building against rain up to 300 Pa.

Vespa - special packaging

The new patented, clever packaging ensures stability and longevity, saves time, prevents drying of the tapes, no extra packaging needed for shipping of each role.


Continuous elastic foam with special impregnation for sealant in metall- and prefab components construction, roofs. Resists from -30° bis +90°C.
Colour: black


Open cell impregnated strips with cover: after mounting the joint can be opened without damage of the sealant. High quality seal. For engineering in the fields of steel, structural, sheet metals and especially light domes.
Colour: anthracite / grey, adhesive on one side or without.


The particularly permanently elastic high-board sealing strip, impregnated with special bitumen for fast and quality-proof sealing between high-curbs for a maintenance-free joint. Particularly high aging resistance. Easy installation with self-adhesive strips. Dimensionally stable high-board sealing strip (no outflow of the joint). Root resistant sealing strip, no vegetation of grasses. Customized for standard high curbs. Other dimensions easily possible.

Glazing Tapes

Sealing tapes closed- or open-cell, which are individually used by the special sealing behavior. Glazing tapes are made of different materials, such as PE foam, foam rubber in various grades or PVC. APTK / EPDM and neoprene tapes are used for glazing, as industry seals, for mechanical engineering and as seals in window construction. Ceramic fiber strips have a very high heat resistance.


Closed cell polyolefin foam in sheets or stripes. Noise and thermal insulation. Nearly no water absorption. Resistant to a wide range of chemicals. For engineering in the fields of steel, structural, sheet metals, prefab-components. Colour anthracite or white, adhesive on one side or without.


High quality of expanded rubber with fine closed cells. Very goog ageing performance and weatherability, high ozone resisitance including UV-light. Good chemical resistance. High flexibility even with low temperature.
Colour: anthracite


Self adhesive sealant tape consisting of polyurethan foam with fine pores, open cell structure. As sealant against draught, dust, dirt, and as material for upholstery and insulation.


Expanded rubber on basis of Neopren / CR, closed cell structure, very good ageing performance, good chemical resistance. UV-resistant.


Closed cell polyvinyl chloride foam, very flexible, for insulation, upholstery, glass and as general sealant. Closed skin on both sides. Very good ageing, self-distinguishing material.


Closed cell polyethylen-foam with fine pores, very flexible, chemically neutral, very goog ageing, nearly non rotable, especially used in the glass industry and as very good general sealant.
Colour: anthracite or white

Compri-pol/J spez

Closed cell polyethylen-foam with fine pores, very flexible, chemically neutral, very goog ageing, nearly non rotable, especially used in the glass industry and as very good general sealant.
Colour: anthracite or white


One sided self-adhesive, asbestos free high temperature glass fiber tape. Because of excellent biosolubility the used glass fibers are classified as non carcinogenic. Therefore any dangerous classification is unnecessary. As sealant for doors and windows with high fire protection classification. Especially for hospitals, hotels, sky scrapers, furnaces, solar industry etc.
Colour: white


Self-adhesive tape of cork, ideal in following industries: automotive, engineering, glass, furniture, pipes. For Insulation against cold, noise, moisture, as sealant against oil, petrol, diluted acid, air and water.


Are customized. those materials that meet the specific requirements are cut into the desired shape by punching or water jet cutting. Depending on the requirements, the sealing parts may be one- / or both-sided adhesive, or are produced as kiss-cut for easy peeling-off.

Foams (sealants for formworks)

Ideal as backing material or one-way sealant (formworks!). Soft foam in different colours, qualities and weights. Available in stripes, sheets and blocks, one/double sided adhesive or non adhesive.

Punching Parts

In any design available according to specific drawings and requirements. Offered in a wide range of different foams with/without adhesive.

Norseal and Norton Tapes

Sealing against stagnant water and as an assembly aid for facade panels. Through the special cell structure and a certain degree of compression these high performance tapes even seal joints which are affected by stagnant water for longer periods. The tapes are used in glazing, industrial seals, mechanical engineering, boat building, and much more. Because of their high hardness double-sided adhesive tapes are best suitable as an assembly aid and spacers for facade panels, for structural glazing, for double windows, for double doors and for vibration damping.

Norseal 2521 / Norton V380

Creating a watertight seal with a minimal amount of force. Conforming easily to rough or irregular surfaces. Ideal for sealing thin gauge metals or plastics which could distort easily under greater pressures.
Colour: grey

Norseal 2521 / Norton V560

PVC foam of low density, with high-quality acryl adhesives, in assembled condition flame resistant or self-extinguishing acc. to DIN 4102 class B2, does not tend to bacterial vegetation, for plane, boat and vehicle construction as well as stable fittings. Retains position by production processes. Special suitable for sealant of sheets at halls, allows sliding of sheets.
Thickness: 3 4.5 6 10 12 15 mm
Colour: black


PVC foam of high density with high-quality acryl adhesives, positioning easily correctable. Seals glazing beads, external impacts on container and many industrial and structural engineering connections, which require the weatherproof.
Thickness: 1,5 3 4,5 6 mm


Soft PVC-foam of middle density with high-quality acryl adhesives, self-extinguishing to DIN 4102 part 1 class B1, for use at irregular and twisting underground; is used as high weatherproof seal.
Thickness: 1,5 3 4,5 6 10 mm


Firm PVC-foam of low density, suitable to be screwed through. Typical areas of application: Sealing of roof girder by caravan and transportable space cells as well as roof and cladding insulation. Sound-deadening band.
Thickness: 1.5 3 4.5 6 10 mm
Colour: grey


PVC-construction foam of medium density, double-sided adhesive. For outside glazing on high buildings, for badge fortifications and as vibration damping suitable. Absolutely weatherproof, rot proof and waterproof. Mushrooms and mites do not find any living conditions. Permanently elastic!
Thickness: 0.8 1.6 3.2 4.8 6.4 mm

Thermalbond V2100

Extremely strong spacer made ​​of PU foam for structural glazing,
open-cell structure for optimal curing of the silicone.
Thickness: 3.2 4.8 6.4 8.0 9.5 mm

Thermalbond V2200

Semi-rigid spacers made ​​of PU foam for structural glazing. Open-cell structure for optimal curing of the silicone.
Thickness: 3.2 4.8 6.4 8.0 9.5 mm
Colour: black

Window Sealing Membrane

To seal the connection joint in ÖNORM assembly (RAL-assembly). To carry out the internal and external level, according to international standards. The membranes are available in various different versions to fulfill the optimal requirements. The brand new FEMO with full surface adhesive for the double-sided bonding, FEMO vario with full surface adhesive membrane for variable interior and exterior use. Benefits of the full surface adhesive membranes: applicable already from -10°C, extreme adhesive tack, extreme easy use, extreme vapour diffusion difference.

The traditional membranes comprise:
Compri-aflex variant A has one adhesive strip and will be glued to the wall with an MS-sealant,
variant B has one adhesive strip and one strip with butyl on the same side,
variant C is equipped with one adhesive strip and one butyl strip on the alternate side.

Femo inside and outside

Window installation membrane with extremly strong adhesive strength! All-season fitting possible, from -10°C applicable, high end window membrane with fully covered adhesive and with an adhesive strip on the alternate side, very soft and smooth membrane, for internal (red) or external (white) applications.

Femo vario

Window installation membrane with extremly strong adhesive strength! All-season fitting possible, from -10°C applicable, high end window membrane with fully covered adhesive and with an adhesive strip on the alternate side, very soft and smooth membrane, one band for internal or external (grey) applications.


in Progress

Colour: red


in Progress

Colour: white

Butyl-/Bitumen Tapes

Sealing tapes made of butyl or bitumen, very high adhesive strength, with aluminum, non-woven fabric, PE surface or adhesive on both sides. To seal against: moisture, wood frames, all iron-, sheet metal-, aluminum-, glass- and plastic constructions. Also suitable for sealing the construction joints. By nonwoven fabric surface the tape is ablke to be plastered and has a high Sd value. Additionally these tapes are used in vehicles, containers, caravans and automobiles.


Multi purpose sealant on basis of artificial indian rubber. High tacking adhesive in nearly every application. Constructions, overlapping sheets, automotives, againts corrosion, etc.


Serves as sealing of soils and walls or in bathrooms and rooms to avoid twater permeability. It consists of bitumen compound provided at one side with self-adhesive and protected with polypropylene film. The fleece is the ideal area to fix it on wood and PVC-covers etc. by adhesives. The tape is strengthened with fiber optics to reach a greater stability.


Is used in various models in variety of applications: Masking of coating sheet Isolations, permanent sealing of pipelines and ventilation ducts in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, sealing in the roof (gutters, overlap of corrugated roof, chimney connection, etc.) by installation of windows, for window sills etc.


Elastic cold adhesive tape of butyl rubber glue with high tensile up to 400% elastic, aluminium coloured polyethylene film.

Round Cords

Made of polyurethane foam, polyethylene or butyl. PE-round cords have a closed cell structure, therefore silicone does not adhere to the surface, they are used for joint space limit to avoid a three-sided adhesion. PU cords have an open-cell surface can be used as backfill material for indoor use without moisture. Butyl-round cords are used for waterproof sealing and bonding of joints or components.

Round Cord PU

Backfill material of polyurethane foam in dimensions 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 und 50 mm diameter.
Colour: grey

Round Cord PE

Polyethylene round cord as joint backfill in dimensions 6, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 und 50 mm diameter and above.
Colour: grey


For sealings in the industry and in the construction sector such as structural-, prefabricated- and metal engineering, marine, vehicle and silo manufacturing, HVAC, cold and solar technology, machines, electrical and electronic industry as well as glazing for industry, glasshouse and roof.
Colour: grey

Expansion joint strips

Sealing of expansion joints, on the inside and on the outside. To avoid water penetration into the building. Best suitable for "Weiße Wanne".

Expansion joint strips

in progress

Expansion joint strips
inside LIGHT

in progress

Expansion joint strips

in progress

Expansion joint strips
outside LIGHT

in progress

AA 32 TM acc. to RVS

in progress.

AA 40 30 3 TM acc. to RVS

in progress


Ideal for timber as a moisture barrier. By combining the membrane and Compriband the wooden beams are optimally sealed against moisture. The Compriband compensates for the unevenness between wooden beams and concrete slab, whereby the ingress of dust, water by rain and insects is prevented.


The ideal gasket foil for sealing against moisture between floor screed and wooden beam / timber construction.


Through the use of cross-wound bobbins it is possible to produce substantially longer tapes. Due to the large amounts on the reel up to 1500 linear meters the role must less often be replaced, enhancing a far more efficient production.

Perfect for industrial solution with minimal set-up costs, adjusted to the specific requirements.

Sealants EN45545 and UL94 for Railway-Vehicles

Specially developed sealing tapes for the rail vehicle industry.
New products certified according to EN45545-2:2013 and UL94.
These special tapes / seals meet the requirements of EN 45545, which is compulsory for materials used in rail vehicles. The standard EN45545 has been established as a European standard and is intended to test the safety of the built-in products in case of fire. Since the standard EN 45545 (or also DIN EN 45545) demands high requirements, only a few seals meet this standard EN 45545.
As we continue with the research and development of these tapes, we are in a position to update constantly our range with new versions for sealants fulfilling the standard EN 45545.

Compri-cr (rail) / EN 45545-2

Neopren tape for rail-vehicles according EN45545-2:2013 and UL94 certification.

Compriband-Kombi (rail)

Tape for the railway-vehicle industry.
According to EN ISO 11925-2:2010 and UNI CEI 11170-3:2007.
Permanent opening/closing of the joint possible!

Compri-lowS 33-4 / EN 45545-2

Especially suitable for self-extinguishing applications with low emission and marginal toxicity, mainly used in the field of the automotive- and rail-vehicles sector,
meets the requirements of the European standard EN45545-2 within the categories HL1, HL2 and HL3 for R22 and R23 easily.

Compri-hexflame 45 / EN45545-2

Specially developed for the rail-vehicle, motor-vehicle and electrical industry.
Compri-hexflame 45-1000: European standard EN45545 in category HL3 for R22 / R23.
Compri-hexflame 45-7000: European standard EN45545 in category HL2 for R22 / R23.


Special packaging

Vespa - special packaging

The new patented, clever packaging ensures stability and longevity, saves time, prevents drying of the tapes, no extra packaging needed for shipping of each role.

Neoprene pad/terrace pad/non-slip mat

Products made of elastomer / PE-foam composite, which can be used in many different areas due to their different composition and hardness. Examples: terracing, noise protection walls, anti-skid of cargo and much more.

Neoprene pad

Foot plate bearing for force-fitting connection between the upright and base, pads between base elements and foundation, resistant to all weather conditions, high temperature resistance. Non-perishable and recyclable. Optimal interim storage, to compensate for any unevenness for a secure grip.

terrace pad

Pads for terracing undercounters, protection against ascending moisture, impact sound insulation, high tensile strength, no fragility, no fungal attack, high load capacity, non-rotable and recyclable.

Non-slip mat

Ideal as a non-slip pad on loading areas of trucks and vans, can be laid on loading areas, as a strip or point support for securing pallets or other loads, high load capacity, perfect rescissionability, non-rotable and recyclable.

Profile Filler

Profile fillers are used to close beads in trapezoidal and corrugated iron.
They consist of closed-cell PE foam (polyethylene), to prevent the penetration of moisture. Profile fillers protect against snow, air, dust, insects and reduce heat loss.

Neoform PE Profile filler

Closed-cell profile filler for corrugated profiles, for reliable and permanent closure of the corrugation, can be used in the roof, wall and façade area.
Color: white / black


Permanent elastic open-cell plastic impregnated foam for waterproofing in metal and prefabricated construction, roof profiles, molded parts according to drawing, also in different colors, temperature-resistant from -30 to + 85 ° C.
Color: Black

Neoform APTK/EPDM Profile Filler

Closed-cell profile filler for corrugated profiles, for reliable and permanent closure of the corrugation, can be used in the roof, wall and façade area.
Color: black

Application Instruction

To download instruction for processing compriband. This guide provides tips for easier processing, execution of cross joints and bumps (currently only in German available).


Application instruction for (precompressed) tapes (currently only in German available):