Norseal and Norton Tapes

Sealing against stagnant water and as an assembly aid for facade panels. Through the special cell structure and a certain degree of compression these high performance tapes even seal joints which are affected by stagnant water for longer periods. The tapes are used in glazing, industrial seals, mechanical engineering, boat building, and much more. Because of their high hardness double-sided adhesive tapes are best suitable as an assembly aid and spacers for facade panels, for structural glazing, for double windows, for double doors and for vibration damping.

Norseal 2521 / Norton V380

Creating a watertight seal with a minimal amount of force. Conforming easily to rough or irregular surfaces. Ideal for sealing thin gauge metals or plastics which could distort easily under greater pressures.
Colour: grey

Norseal 2521 / Norton V560

PVC foam of low density, with high-quality acryl adhesives, in assembled condition flame resistant or self-extinguishing acc. to DIN 4102 class B2, does not tend to bacterial vegetation, for plane, boat and vehicle construction as well as stable fittings. Retains position by production processes. Special suitable for sealant of sheets at halls, allows sliding of sheets.
Thickness: 3 4.5 6 10 12 15 mm
Colour: black


PVC foam of high density with high-quality acryl adhesives, positioning easily correctable. Seals glazing beads, external impacts on container and many industrial and structural engineering connections, which require the weatherproof.
Thickness: 1,5 3 4,5 6 mm


Soft PVC-foam of middle density with high-quality acryl adhesives, self-extinguishing to DIN 4102 part 1 class B1, for use at irregular and twisting underground; is used as high weatherproof seal.
Thickness: 1,5 3 4,5 6 10 mm


Firm PVC-foam of low density, suitable to be screwed through. Typical areas of application: Sealing of roof girder by caravan and transportable space cells as well as roof and cladding insulation. Sound-deadening band.
Thickness: 1.5 3 4.5 6 10 mm
Colour: grey


PVC-construction foam of medium density, double-sided adhesive. For outside glazing on high buildings, for badge fortifications and as vibration damping suitable. Absolutely weatherproof, rot proof and waterproof. Mushrooms and mites do not find any living conditions. Permanently elastic!
Thickness: 0.8 1.6 3.2 4.8 6.4 mm

Thermalbond V2100

Extremely strong spacer made ​​of PU foam for structural glazing,
open-cell structure for optimal curing of the silicone.
Thickness: 3.2 4.8 6.4 8.0 9.5 mm

Thermalbond V2200

Semi-rigid spacers made ​​of PU foam for structural glazing. Open-cell structure for optimal curing of the silicone.
Thickness: 3.2 4.8 6.4 8.0 9.5 mm
Colour: black